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Terms + Conditions

  1. We will not attempt to clean any headstone that shows signs of cracking, decaying, flacking, that are unstable, or that looks unsafe to clean in any other way. In any of these cases we will refund the customers full amount.

  2. When cleaning a head stone, it is not our intent to make them look brand new again. Our objective is to clean and preserve them. We do not guarantee the headstone to look brand new after cleaning.

  3. We do not use household cleaning agents when cleaning head stones. We either use D/2 biological solution and/or Simple Green with a combination of water.

  4. If the Cemetery management has any restrictions that prevent us from serving your loved one’s head stone that we were hired for, we will issue a full refund.

  5. We guarantee our work to be performed to the best of our ability and will provide you the client with before and after photos.

  6. We reserve the right to not accept a service request due to Cemetery rules and regulations and due to the condition of the head stone.

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